DCAA strives to empower our children in body and mind to become proficient competitive swimmers, leaders, and individuals with the desire to give back to their communities.


Congratulations to all who participated in our 8th Annual Fran Crippen Swim-A-Thon!  We raised almost $1800 for our cause.

Congratulations to our Senior Boys,
Will & Jack! 

Wishing our Senior Girls,
Elyse & Laura, the very best!

*Swimmers of the Week*

Zoie Boyle
Mykhaylo Donvhanyuk
Rylee Hamilton
George "Bud" Hartman
Ava DiEnno
Nicholas Arena
Bella Frascone
Daniel Domagala
Ava Butterworth
Brian Cherry
Mia Hayner
Maya Rosenzweig
Roman Lee
Dean Lindsay

*Divers of the Week*
Alicia McHugh
Mickie Soroka
Yuval Levi


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