Photo Gallery

If you are interesting in downloading or printing any of these pictures, please open the links below and click either print or download.  Many thanks to Igor Peshenko and Jessica Pervall for the great pictures.

2016-2017 Season Photo Gallery

Girls vs. PENN- Nov 2016

Boys vs. CAC- Nov 2016

Girls vs. CAC- Nov 2016

North Penn Trophy Meet Invitational- Nov 2016

Boys vs. Lower Moreland- Dec 2016

Diving vs. CORE- Dec 2016

Girls vs. CORE- Dec 2016

USA Swim Meet @ Malvern- Dec 2016

Girls vs. Lower Moreland- Dec 2016

DCAA Holiday Party- Jan 2017

DCAA Girls vs. TOPS- Jan 2017

DCAA Diving- Jan 2017

DCAA Banquet- March 2017

2015-2016 Season Photo Gallery

DCAA Time Trials- Oct 23, 2015

DCAA Holiday Party- Dec 2015

2015-2016 SAL meets

Boys vs. SWAC

USA and Invitational Meets

Boys vs. Council Rock- Jan 2016

Girls vs. Council Rock- Jan 2016

Fran Crippen Swim-A-Thon- Jan 2016

DCAA End of Season Banquet

2014-2015 Season Photo Gallery
DCAA USA Team- Relay Carnival- Oct 5, 2014

DCAA USA Team- Pentathlon- November 2014

DCAA USA Team- Go the Distance- November 2014

DCAA vs WCAC (Girls)

DCAA vs PWAC (Girls)

DCAA vs. UDAC (Boys and Girls)

DCAA 5th Annual Fran-A-Thon- Jan 8, 2015

DCAA vs CAC (Girls)

Odd Age Invitational- January 11, 2015

DCAA 2014-2015 Season Banquet- March 1, 2015